Thank you for visiting our about page. As you can see from the home page, we are essentially here to help attorneys manage, market and grow their practices. We plan to do this by delivering excellent materials and updates to the latest business growth practices. Further, we HIGHLY ENCOURAGE referrals among network members.

We intend to provide the following:

How to: Build a website, create an email CRM, update your website, market your website.

Marketing: Buying Leads when starting, building reputation, google adwords, facebook, TikTok and much more.

And get all of this information delivered regularly to help you build and grow your existing practice.

And even if you do not need any of these services, the exclusive jurisdictions will get you referrals from our community that you would not otherwise receive. Further, 1 referral will pay for multiple years of membership. Joining our community is simply a no-brainer.

There will be a learning curve at the onset of joining our community, so be prepared to spend some time learning the basics of the business and marketing. There will be some technology to learn that will help you become a much more sophisticated practitioner while becoming more efficient at handling tasks.

Our Passion

Our passion is to help other small and medium law practices grow and manage their own operations. After having run a solo practice, we noticed that a great deal of time was spent struggling to find the right marketing,… In fact, we hired 4 different marketing companies at 2k per month without seeing results. It was at this point that we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We learned how to build a website. This came in handy since it seemed that every website built for us in the past would have typos or need updates. However, the companies that built our site would take weeks to make changes.

We then learned how to market. This is the bread and butter and success of most practices. But it was not a small learning curve. We will help guide you through the different types of marketing and how to set it up.

Referrals. Yes, we are designed specifically to encourage referrals among existing members.

WHY US? Because we will take the leg work out of the practice management by providing regular updates to grow your practice. We will do all the homework for you, and will simply need to implement the strategies we provide.


Grow your practice while spending minimal time learning the latest strategies for growth. Also, we strive to deliver a community of professionals who are excited to engage and share with each other. Our exclusivity to location should encourage sharing of ideas and legal strategies including motions, trial techniques,….

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